Bostitch Oil-Free Trim Compressor

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* High-output, oil-free pump delivers 2.8 CFM @ 90 PSI
* 150 PSI maximum operating pressure for multiple-finish tool operation
* 2.0 HP (Peak), 1.5 HP (Running)
* 12 amps
* 1.2 gallon compact design
* Weight: 23.5 lbs.
* Integrated control panel with roll cage protects gauges from jobsite damage
* LED ON/OFF switch
* On-board tool and hose storage
* Convenient storage pocket for hand tools, fasteners and fittings
* Integrated cord wrap for improved portability
* No-marring rubber feet

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Lightweight !! High capacity, and reasonably quiet

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This seems to be a great lightweight, high capacity unit. At about 23 lbs I can lift it easily. Yes, it's an oil less and hence is a bit noisier than the traditional oil type compressors, but the Makita portable I had (also a great unit) was 61 lbs. I'm retired, (working part time) and I'm done with lifting a 61 lb compressor. It is however very quiet for an oil less unit. The additional benefit is that the recovery cycle time to recharge is quite quick.
To recover from 125 lbs to 150 lbs is under 10 seconds. So it's only 10 seconds of noise. From 0 - 150lbs is 40 seconds. I use it primarily for 18 gauge nailers and staplers. I get 15 shots on my 18 gauge nailers and gets 29 shots on my 23 ga pinner before it kicks on to recharge the tank. My 15 ga Porter Cable Finisher gets only 5 shots before recharge so if your not going through nails quickly its fine, but if your pounding in 15 ga nails one after the other consider a unit with a larger tank and capacity. I've been using it mostly for window door and flooring trim and ceiling work and am super pleased with its performance and weight. This would not work out well for roofing nailers flooring nailers or any other high air volume tools such as impact tools, regular or touch up spray guns. (it should be fine for art air brushes). Reliability?, I don't know yet, It's got way more than a few hours of run time on it, and so far so good, but I do judge tools by longevity, and I've only been using it for 4 months. So at this point, YES I would recommend it, especially if your looking for a "truly lightweight" unit. Hope this helps you.

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