Bosch 3-Gallon Air Compressor

WOOD magazine rating


• Vertically-angled tanks enables better center of gravity for easy transport throughout job-site
• Single-ball valve drain located in control panel for simultaneous draining of both tanks
• 4-pole induction motor (72dB) provides less noise while working in close proximity
• Oil lube pump extends product life for extra durability
• Recessed control panel: all gauges, regulator, couplers, safety valve and drain valve are located in easy to access location and are protected from jobsite conditions
• Roll cage for maximum durability and protection from jobsite conditions.

WOOD magazine review

Quiet running, built like an army tank

Review Summary

Quiet running proved the saving grace for this unit. Okay, it does have an automatic quick-connect coupler and is rated for continuous duty. It needs the latter because it will run constantly to accomplish most jobs. The over/under 1-1/2”-diameter gauges have easily read markings, but the tank gauge (the one to which you seldom refer), is on top and the hose gauge is on the bottom, obscured by the regulator knob. You have to hunker down or tip the unit to read it.
The single hand grip is poorly placed. Two grips on the tubular frame would be an improvement. Despite a hefty price, you don’t get a hose or any other accessory. There is a cord clip molded into the plug, but no place on the unit around which to wind the cord. •High Points: Quiet running, rated for continuous duty, one conveniently located ¼-turn valve drains both tanks. •Low Points: Highest price, fairly heavy (57 lbs), low pump output, small tank capacity. Regulator adjustment knob is hard to grip. •Other points: Comes with oil in the crank case. On/off lever is located on the pressure switch. The unit would not start in 30°F garage due to the thick oil.

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