RapidAir 1/2" Master Kit

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Master Kit


Actual Inside Diameter: .375"
Actual Outside Diameter: .5"
Assembled Depth: 18"
Assembled Height: 4"
Assembled Width: 18"
Material: Nylon
Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Temperature Range: 0-140 degrees
Product Length: 100'
Product Weight: 10 lbs.

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A fast and easy way to distribute compressed air in your shop

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I've struggled with either uncorralled long hoses piled in corners of my shop, or hose reels that always seem to be just a little too short to reach where I want them to go, even in my modestly sized room. Recently I've spotted this RapidAir system in a few of the popular woodworking retailer sites. When my hose reel finally gave up the ghost last week I pulled the trigger on this system. Installation is incredibly straightforward.
You locate where you want the quick-connect blocks to go and then attach them to the wall. Each block has four screw holes milled in the corners, so all you need are truss-head screws. I found that 1-1/2" pocket hole screws were just the ticket, by the way! Then stretch some hose from block to block, add about an inch over size to accommodate seasonal expansion and contraction of the hose and then clip it to length with the supplied guillotine cutter. Once cut to length you simply press-fit the hose into the various connectors and attach them to the wall. Wall mount clips to attach the hose, itself, to the wall are extra - they don't come standard with the system. I installed the hose and blocks, hooked it up to the compressor and the pressure came up quickly and easily. I didn't hear any of the telltale hissing from loose/sloppy connections. This system was a really great upgrade from my old paradigm of simply stretching a long hose from corner to corner in my shop. Now I can use a short and very flexible hose to reach anywhere in the shop that I need. And as a side note: 24 hours after installation there was no drop in air pressure at my compressor. I left it unplugged for a day so I'd know that it wasn't cycling to make up any air that had been lost. So these quick-release fittings do keep pressure quite nicely

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