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Presto chango! With this simple system, adding to or rearranging your workshop wall storage is (almost) as easy as waving your hand. Adding new tools or supplies to your workshop is always a good thing. But sometimes, finding a place to set up a tool or store more supplies means juggling the existing layout of wall cabinets or tool racks. With its interlocking hanging cleats, this Idea Shop 5 system transforms a major hassle into a minor task accomplished in minutes.

Here, you'll learn how to build racks for bar and pipe clamps, a perforated hardboard panel for hanging hand tools, and wall cabinets with either clear acrylic or hardboard doors for see-through or covered-up storage. Featured in three handy sizes—12-1/4" deep for general storage, 8-3/4" deep for hardware, and 7-1/2" deep for tools—all the cabinets share identical construction details.

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