3-in-1 Dovetail Workstation Woodworking Plan

from the WOOD Store

This project lets you kiss off all those chiropractic kinks that come from stooping over to monitor your routing progress. Clamp this workstation to your bench and raise your dovetail jig to a more comfortable working height. But it serves as more than just a booster seat for your dovetail jig. It also houses a drawer to store router bits and accessories, as well as a stand that holds your router while you’re clamping workpieces in he jig.We sized this project to accommodate most dovetail jigs. But before cutting any parts to size, compare the width and depth of your dovetail jig to the overall project dimensions and make any necessary adjustments.Overall Dimensions: 32"W x 10"D x 6"HFeatured in WOOD Issue 272, December/January 2020/2021

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