I know the importance of keeping sharp knives in my jointer, but found honing them a pain. Here's an easy-to-build, shop-made jig that makes the job super simple.

In a piece of 2x6 lumber about the same length as the knife, cut a groove to fit the blade, and matching the bevel angle of the knife edge. Jointer knives typically measure about 18 "-thick, so a full-kerf cut should do the trick. (Add a layer of tape to tighten the fit in the groove if necessary.) To use the jig, stick a piece of abrasive (220–320 grit) on your tablesaw's table.

Move the saw's fence to cover part of the abrasive and lock it in place. With the knife in the jig (cutting edge-down), hold the jig as shown and rub the blade back and forth a few strokes, keeping the jig tight against the fence. A longer version of this jig works great for sharpening planer knives, too.
—George Clement, Northumberland, Pa.