A story stick is a great way to set up your tablesaw fence accurately without measuring every time. But sometimes, measurements too near each other can be hard to mark and read reliably. My solution: Create a storyboard out of a scrap of 1⁄8" hardboard. For every fence setup, after I cut my workpieces, I make a short cut on the storyboard, and write in the measurement and the name of the part. That way, if I forget to cut a piece or have to make a recut, it is simple to capture the blade in the storyboard and slide the fence into place against the storyboard shown.To make the storyboard even more reliable, I record information on it such as the date, the blade used, even the name of the project. I store all of my storyboards on a nail on a rafter for those times when my friends and family ask, "Can you make me one just like it?"—Serge Duclos, Delson, Que.