When you can't find solid stock to make large parts, or the cost of the thick lumber exceeds your budget, glue two pieces together to make one. You can make the glue-up virtually unnoticeable by creating a book-matched edge to face outside. Here's how.Start with a piece of stock that's twice as wide as the finished part plus 1/2" (3 1/2" wide for a 1 1/2"-wide leg, for example). To make it easy to identify the book-matched edges after ripping the piece, draw a centered line about 1" long on one end. Rip the piece down the center. Then laminate the pieces together, folding them as shown to create the book-matched edge. After the glue dries, rip and plane the lamination to the finished size. When laminating multiple parts, number or letter the mating pieces identically to prevent mix-ups.