Marking a square end on a large panel can pose a sizable challenge, especially if you don't trust your framing square to be perfectly square. The simple system shown here will allow you to accurately mark panels with your framing square.Before marking, rip your panel to width on the tablesaw so both edges are parallel. Next, mark the center of the panel across its width.With your square held against one edge, make a mark at the edge (Point A) and across the center mark to form a crosshatch. Flip the square to the opposite edge, aligning it with the center crosshatch, and mark the edge (Point B).Using a straightedge, draw a line between points A and B. Measure from this line or cut along it for a square end. Because the sides are parallel and you marked from the center, even an out-of-true square will ensure a square cut.—Don Klimesh, Sylvania, Ohio