Find affordable lumber near you

  • Try these tips for saving money on local lumber.

    If you're tired of paying top dollar for home-center wood, try these tips for saving money on local lumber.

  • Look for diamonds in the rough

    Your next project calls for quilted maple? Dig through the home-center bins containing standard flatsawn maple and you may be rewarded for your effort. Figured pieces typically don't get sorted out from the rest and cost the same as less attractive pieces.

  • Turn to the web

    A Google alert scans the web 24/7 for any item you name and sends you an email when it's found. Set alerts to look for mentions about lumber, auctions, estate sales, and yard sales that may include woodworking supplies and lumber.


    • Learn how to set up a Google alert:


  • Find a local mill

    Search online or in your regional yellow pages for mills or sawyers. Sure, you'll have to plane and joint the wood yourself, but the savings are worth it. Your woodworking club or guild may have existing connections with a local mill and maybe discounts too.

    • For a guide to understanding hardwood lumber grades and board feet, visit
  • Join forces, save money

    Hardwood lumber dealers typically give price reductions for high-volume purchases -- usually beginning at 100 board feet. Don't need that much lumber? Combine your order with friends or fellow woodworking club members to take advantage of volume discounts.


    • Find a local sawyer with this online directory:


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