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February 1997

Issue Number: 95

Rip Fences

February 1997 Page: 53

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Country-Style Buffet Woodworking Plan

To match our popular country-style kitchen table, we designed this handsome buffet and accompanying cupboard. Here we'll show you how to build the buffet. We've created a separate plan for a matching cupboard. Keep in mind that these are terrific-looking stand-alone pieces that work equally well as a matching set.

Top measures 17-1/2 x 50" and stands 36" tall.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 95, February 1997

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Chubby Choo-Choo Train Woodworking Plan

More than 25 years ago, WOOD magazine reader Wayne Edwards of Ridgeland, South Carolina, built the original version of this stout little locomotive for his two-year-old son. Today, Wayne's grandchildren are putting the same toy through the rigors of child's play. If it can stand up to 25 years of use in the Edward's household, we'll bet it will last you for a few decades, too.

Measures aproximately 10" long, and 4" wide.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 95, February 1997

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