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October 1995

Issue Number: 82
Wood Store

Arts and Crafts Bunk Bed Woodworking Plan

Looking for a stylish, original bunk bed design? How about just a terrific-looking twin bed? This versatile project suits both interests. For bunk beds, simply invert one bed on top of the other, and reposition its plywood mattress support. Best of all, this size fits kids and adults alike.

Each bed was designed to use 39x75" twin matresses and stand 34-1/4" each.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 82, October 1995

06.04.2014 | Wood Product
Wood Store

Salt & Pepper Shakers Woodworking Plan

Spice up your next mealwith this dashing duo!

This contemporary condiment set seems to display ebony side accents. But, look again! Those black stripes are really ordinary O-rings, and they hold the lids on these cleverly designed salt and pepper shakers.

Shakers measure aproximately 4" tall.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 82, October 1995

05.30.2014 | Wood Product


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