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October 2019

Issue Number: 263

Planer Cart

October 2019 Page: 36


This sturdy shop helper holds its ground in use and picks up like a wheelbarrow for easy moving. Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Nesting Tables

October 2019 Page: 48


Two small tables slide comfortably under the large table. Sturdily constructed, they make great benches and footstools, too. Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Frames Without Miters

October 2019 Page: 52


Miters can be finicky to cut and clamp, and they make a relatively weak joint. Instead, try these techniques to create simple, strong, handsome frames for pictures, mirrors, and more. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.


Tip of the Day

Just take a little off the top

To avoid running a delicate piece, such as inlay, through a potentially destructive planer, I found... read more