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March 2019

Issue Number: 259

CNC Routers Can Do All THAT?

March 2019 Page: 38


Get ready to see some of the amazing capabilities a CNC can bring to your shop. This article provides recipes for success in making cuts in polycarbonate, brass, foam, cardboard and yes, wood. The “ingredients” for each operation include the material being machined, the cutters used, feed speed, depth of cut (DOC), and other variables.

Mil-spec Apache Helicopteer

March 2019 Page: 44


First seeing service in 1986, the AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopter takes out tanks, bunkers, and other targets. This toy displays much of that firepower, disguised as maple dowels. Easily shape the Apache’s iconic angled fuselage profile by following our full-size patterns. And we’ve gathered all of the hardware and specialty parts in a kit so you can get started quickly.


Tip of the Day

Group the rails for round-overs


Eliminate chip-out by clamping four rails and a scrap together edge to edge with their ends flush,... read more