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November 2017

Issue Number: 250

Easy-to-Ship Cradle

November 2017 Page: 66


The classic gift for a newborn often poses a quandry: The recipient may live far away so the cradle must be shipped. And infants are “cradle enabled” for only a short time. Fortunately, knock-down construction makes this cradle easy to box up to ship or store until the next bundle of joy arrives.

Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Shop Test: Multibase Router Kits

November 2017 Page: 52

With a single motor that fits in both a fixed and a plunge base, a combo kit provides the best attributes of each base for a price below that of two separate routers. We tested eight midsize kits (with motors ranging from 112 to 214 hp) with variable speed and both 14 " and 12 " collets.


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