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October 2017

Issue Number: 249

6 Essential Drill Bits

October 2017 Page: 68

Though we may romanticize the brace-and-bit days, today we can choose from specialized drill bits, many of which create clean, tear-out-free holes, and others that drill specially shaped holes, something that eluded woodworkers of long ago.These bits fit most of the needs of today's woodworker.

Shop test: Powered Sharpeners

October 2017 Page: 48

Struggle with sharpening your hand tools? Electric sharpeners deliver consistently sharp tools with a lot less labor than using a handheld honing guide and some stones. And let us state this up front: We’re not sharpening snobs. We’ll use any system or method that delivers acceptable results. So we set out to find the best powered sharpeners from a group on nine wet-and dry-wheel sharpeners.

Mil-spec Destroyer Toy

October 2017 Page: 36


Designed to defend against threats from the air, sea, and even below the sea, destroyers accompany carrier strike groups, and also patrol independently. Turn your shop into a shipyard for just a few evenings to create this naval workhorse.

Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Crafter's Project Center

October 2017 Page: 26


If your dining room doubles as a crafting space, this cabinet will corral the clutter with shelves, oodles of storage on the doors, and a spacious fold-down worksurface. When not in use, close the doors and presto! Your workshop hides behind the doors of an attractive traditional-style cabinet.

Plan is available in the WOOD Store


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