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July 2017

Issue Number: 247

Plumb Your Shop for Air

July 2017 Page: 54

No matter the size of your shop, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a piped network of compressed air. Rather than snaking a single long air hose around obstacles and trying not to trip over it, install your own custom system with hose connections right where you need them.

Faux Icebox

July 2017 Page: 42


This cool chest of drawers looks like an old-fashioned icebox, but instead of cubby-hole-size doors and a cramped interior, the entire front opens to reveal a bank of full-width drawers. Plan available in WOOD Store

Shop Test: Dust Collectors

July 2017 Page: 36

Hooking up your dust- and chip-making machines to a collector reduces your time spent cleaning, as well as—hopefully—the amount of fine dust that lingers in the air before eventually settling. We tested eight single-stage dust collectors priced from $325 to $850, including one unit with both bag and canister filter options. 

Wood Store

Charging Station Woodworking Plan

Take charge of your mobile devices and confine the clutter of cords. The design features compartments for concealing a power strip and hiding excess cords. We'll also show you how to make custom plywood for a signature look.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 247, July 2017

04.25.2017 | Wood Product
Wood Store

Faux Icebox Chest Woodworking Plan

Enhance your vintage style with this new take on a classic icebox. Instead of cubby-hole-size doors and a cramped interior, the entire front opens to reveal a bank of full-width drawers. It's equally at home in the dining room filled with table lines or in the bedroom cooling off some hot lingerie.

Featured in
WOOD Issue 247, July 2017

04.25.2017 | Wood Product


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