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March 2017

Issue Number: 245

Pipe Dreams

March 2017 Page: 74

Tired of constantly dragging dust-collection hose from one machine to another? As you plan a hard-piped dust-collection system for your shop, consider these options.

Shop Test: HVLP Sprayers

March 2017 Page: 68

When you’re tackling large furniture projects or cabinetry, spraying finish with a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray system gets the job done easier and with less overspray than a compressed-air sprayer. We tested nine models. 

Waterfall Wonder

March 2017 Page: 60

Furniture made from slabs of wood with natural edges still intact has a soulful, sculptural quality, thanks largely to the handiwork of Mother Nature. And creating projects with waterfall joints—a miter joint with the continuous-grain appearance of water going over a falls—only adds to the beauty. 

Mil-spec CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

March 2017 Page: 44


Although it requires imagination (and some mouth-made motor noises) to get this aircraft off the ground, it shares many moving parts with its real-world counterpart. The rotors spin and fold in for easy storage. A drop-down rear door provides access to a spacious cargo bay. And rolling landing gear enables tabletop maneuvers. Plan available in WOOD Store

Party Central Home Bar

March 2017 Page: 26


Build this bar as shown, or size it to fit your needs by adding or eliminating cabinets or by changing their width. Then construct the bar front and top to fit. When including a refrigerator, purchase it before you get started to make sure you allow enough under-counter space. Plan available in the WOOD Store.


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