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November 2016

Issue Number: 243

Precise Layout for Plywood Projects

November 2016 Page: 62

Knowing where and how to vary form your plans keeps tiny fractions from leading to big project problems. As face veneers have become thinner (manufacturers get more mileage out of each log), plywood thicknesses have shrunk. So if you rely on the stated thickness when planning or building your projects, you wind up with loose-fitting joints, part dimension errors, and assembly problems. Use these four strategies to prevent those discrepancies from becoming dimensional disasters on your plywood-based projects.

Idea Shop 6: Build your own Cabinets

November 2016 Page: 50

With two of the next four paychecks, you'll buy the materials to build a set of base and upper cabinets. In doing so, you'll learn pocket-hole joinery, a fast way to assemble face frames and other components of cabinets and furniture. But first, use your set-aside money to purchase a thickness planer to sit alongside your jointer, completing the on-two punch for dressing lumber.

Rout Perfect Circles

November 2016 Page: 48

You can cut large circles with a arouter, bandsaw, or jigsaw. Of those three, only a router with a straight or spiral bit ensures a true circle requiring very little edge cleanup. It only takes about 10 minutes to make and install a trammel onto your plunge router. Here's how to do it.

Zigzag Box

November 2016 Page: 44

For visual impact, it's hard to beat this box. A perpetual pattern tracing around all sides fascinates the eye. Alternating shades of cherry and walnut create the illusion of corners extending toward and away from you. Quilted maple–if you can obtain some–enhances the effect. Lift the lid, and you'll find the pattern inside the box, too. Even with all these angles, you'll enjoy straightforward construction.

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Zigzag box correction

Finish your finish

November 2016 Page: 42

I've always believed that if a project's finish doesn't pass the "touch test"—when running your hands over the project, you feel a flawless, satin-smooth surface—that finish diminishes the impact of quality design or construction. So here are a few simple tricks that will make your finish a point of pride.


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