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September 2016

Issue Number: 241

Cupcake Tree

September 2016 Page: 60

Turn the spindles and feet on your benchtop lathe and do the big platters with a plunge router. Don't worry about the cupcake tree hogging space when not in use. It dissassembles for storage. Plans available in the WOOD Store.

Small-scale Dust Collection

September 2016 Page: 70

Dust collection is essential to keeping your shop and lungs clean, but not every shop has the space, nor every craftsman the budget for a large dust collector. A shop vacuum excels at capturing dust from a single tool. Here, we show you how to use a vac in three different dust-collection situations, plus some of our favorite accessories.

Build-in-a-weekend Assembly Table

September 2016 Page: 56

To avoid getting glue or finish drips on your workbench, and to keep your project at a comfortable working height during assembly, build this generously sized, dead-flat shop table. Construction takes only a few hours, and requires only a handful of common tools—perfect for those just getting started in woodworking.

Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Benchtop Drill Presses

September 2016 Page: 38

Long a cornerstone woodworking machine, a drill press safely and repeatably bores holes with great precision and power. When buying one, make your decision by finding the right balance of size and useful features while staying within budget. Models tested: Craftsman 34983, Craftsman 34985, General International 75-010, General International 75-030, Grizzly G7943, Rikon 30-120, Ryobi DP103L, Shop Fox W1688

Nanny Rocker

September 2016 Page: 32

Rock your baby to sleep while reading, knitting, watching TV, or checking your social media in this ultimate multitasker. No need for fancy finials and ornate carvings here: The contemporary design and tried-and-true glue-and-screw joinery pair with affordable materials for a cool look and sturdy construction to ensure this piece will create memories for years to come.

Plan is available at the WOOD Store

Simple and Stylish Bookcase

September 2016 Page: 22

Pine gets a bad rap. We see it on construction sites and piled up in stacks of twisted 2x4s at the home center. And sure, we might use it to build shop fixtures where aesthetics don't matter. But if you avoid the big-box store and track down finish-grade white pine (solid and plywood) for this bookcase, you'll find the results stunning.

Plan is available at the WOOD Store


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