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May 2011

Issue Number: 204
Wood Store

Grinder Grand Stand Woodworking Plan

A dedicated grinder stand, kept near the lathe or bench area, helps you sharpen your tools and get back to work, saving time around the shop. Build this simple stand from 3/4" plywood and a few screws in less than two hours.

Overall Dimensions: 18" wide by 16" deep by 36" high.

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WOOD Issue 204, May 2011

04.16.2014 | Wood Product
Wood Store

Garden Planter Box and Trellis Woodworking Plan

For about $170 in wood and copper you can build this project and plant it wherever you'd like a splash of greenery, and perhaps some added privacy. An open grid inside the planter box supports plant containers while allowing water, leaves, and dirt to fall through. Build just the planter box or add the wood-and-copper-water-pipe trellis to support vines. We built ours from cypress, cut cedar or redwood, or fir with a coat of paint will also stand up to the elements.

Overall Dimensions: 42" wide by 24" long by 78" high.

04.16.2014 | Wood Product


Tip of the Day

Flush trimming


Some project parts, such as through-tenons and screw-hiding plugs, are intentionally left too long... read more