Four task-tackling tablesaw jigs

February/March 2006 Issue 168 Page: 54 Number of Pages: 6.00

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Page 55 - Drawing 1, Box-Joint Sled: The width of the blade guard and acrylic on the box-joint sled is 3-1/4" wide to allow for the rotating of the four-arm knobs. The adjusted slot length is 3/4" and location is 3-3/8" from outside edge of fence. See issue 170, page 10. Page 57 - Drawing 4a: center of pilot hole is 7/8" from left edge, not 1/2" as shown, and centered 1/2" from top edge; lower dimensions are 1/8" and 3/4". See issue 170, page 10. Page 58 - Drawing 2: missing dimension on Adjustable Stopblock, lower right, is 1/2" from edge.