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September 2000

Issue Number: 126
Wood Store

Captivating Cupola Woodworking Plan

When we moved to a new home not long ago, one of the things that struck me was how hot and stuffy the garage was during the summer. To do something about it, I designed and built this cupola to provide ventilation as well as add some charm to the otherwise ordinary-looking structure.

Working with copper for the roof was a new experience for me, but I found it was an easy material to shape. I screened the inside of the project to keep the bugs out, and added a weather vane (see the Buying Guide for my source) to further its good looks.

James R. Downing
Design Editor

05.30.2014 | Wood Product
Wood Store

Anglers Showcase Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Woodworker Rick Estabo, of Marinette, Wisconsin, a long-time professional walleye fisherman, provided a rod-holding system for our angler's display cabinet, left. Rick's contribution is the design for the neat angled pockets at the base that tip the fishing rods perfectly into the notched waist-trim sides at the cabinet's midsection. Other features in the cabinet include lighted glass display shelves and enclosed storage in the cabinet's lower half.

Measures 13x24x72"

Featured in
WOOD Issue 126, September 2000

05.30.2014 | Wood Product


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