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February 2000

Issue Number: 121
Wood Store

Arts and Crafts Nesting Tables Woodworking Plan

You can't beat nesting tables for versatility and beauty. We've made these three even more appealing by designing them to go together with minimum fuss and maximum workshop enjoyment.

You can treat the trio as three separate tables or nest them.

Largest table measures 20x20x28"

Featured in
WOOD Issue 121, February 2000

06.04.2014 | Wood Product
Wood Store

Cold Frame Woodworking Plan

In all but balmy climates, cold frames help protect seedings from spring storms and chill: and they also can extend the growing season into late fall. This one folds for easy storage between the times you need its shelter.

Measures 18x26x39"

Featured in
WOOD Issue 121, February 2000

05.30.2014 | Wood Product


Tip of the Day

Rip slightly overwidth

When you’re cutting parts to final width, leave an extra 1⁄32 " as you rip them on the tablesaw.... read more