Whole-shop Air-Cleaning System

Winter 1999 Issue 120 Page: 70 Number of Pages: 2.00

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Page 71 - Note: For access to the inside of the cabinet, replace the screws that fasten the side (E) on the pulley side of the blower with hanger bolts and wing nuts. Locate the switch or junction box in one of the other panels. Page 73 - Buying guide, blower/motor: Grainger changed the motor to stock no. 7D554, 1,280-1,587 cfm, new phone no. 888-361-8649 Note: The blower cabinet and filter cabinet are based on the particular model we used. Measure your blower and filter before beginning construction to make sure they will fit in the cabinets dimensioned here. Cabinet sizes may need to be adjusted for other models of blowers and filters.