Mission Bookcase

August 1999 Issue 116 Page: 62 Number of Pages: 8.00

Pattern Pack insert - Plan is available at the WOOD Store and on complete collection USB Drive



Page 64 - Buying Guide, hardware update: Parts #123876 and #123872 no longer available. Use 2 Mission-style vertical door pulls, #01W32.12, LeeValley at leevalley.com or 800/871-8158. 3 dark antique finish left-handed lift-off hinges, #LO-8L, 3 dark antique finish right-handed lift-off hinges, #LO-7R, Horton Brasses Inc. at horton-brasses.com or 800/754-9172. Remaining hardware available through Woodcraft. Note: Original hinges used on the bookcase were no-mortise. These hinges must be mortised into the case and door. Page 69 - Door illustration: 2 bevel on inside edge of each door not outside edges. Arrow direction moves to the other side of door illustration. The dadoes in parts U and V should be 1/2" by 1/4" deep, not 1/4" dadoes 1/4" deep.