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Shop Test: 6" Jointers

May 2020 | Issue 267 | Page: 52
 These machines best combine affordability with essential features, such as a cast-iron bed and fence and powerful motor. We tested six in the WOOD shop and dish out Top Tool and Top Value awards.

Sun-blocking Cookout Canopy

May 2020 | Issue 267 | Page: 46
 Don't get broiled while grilling. With this stunning shelter, you've got it made in the shade.  Plan is available in the WOOD Store.
 Hold small, irregular, and even round piece firmly for accurate, mar-free drilling.  Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Finishing Oily Woods

May 2020 | Issue 267 | Page: 40
 The oils and resins in some exotic woods, such as cocobolo, teak, and even eastern red cedar, can prevent finishes from curing. These slick tricks help you apply a long-lasting topcoat.
 The cornerstone tool in your shop can be your go-to-joinery machine, too. This primer demonstrates just a few of the many joints you can create with your tablesaw.

Chimney Cupboard

May 2020 | Issue 267 | Page: 26
 Don't let its good looks fool you: This tall, dark, and handsome cupboard provides ample storage in narrow spaces and requires only the simplest joinery.  Plan is available in the WOOD Store

Turn Your Own Knobs

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 68
 Use a lathe and a few common turning chisels to create custom handles for your doors and drawers.

Demilune Table

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 60
 A half-moon top that unfolds to a full circle highlights this 18th-century French design. 

Optical-illusion Cutting Board

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 56
 Build a prep surface as visually delectable as the meals that spring from it.
 Either of these vises—a twin-screw vise and a leg vise—will ease your woodworking life; adding both will change your life.