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The projects in this series fit along a single wall 12' wide—about the width of a single garage bay—but you can fit any one project into even tighter spaces. Start with a workbench that folds away. Then add a sliding-compound mitersaw station that also tucks away.

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Groovy Walls Stretch Space

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 72


Besides holding weighty tools that would uncurl a wire peg hook, slatwall storage systems brighten a shop with a more finished look than pegboard, or nails in a wall.

Power Sander Primer

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 68


Few of us look forward to sanding, but with most projects it’s inevitable. So why not embrace the abrasiveness? These power sanders help you do just that.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 64


No turning required! Make these dispensers using a drill press, tablesaw, router table, and two crazy-simple jigs.

Preserve the Plunge

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 62


If your plunge router hangs up or slips down when it shouldn’t, use these quick tips to get it back on track.

Sweet Treats Carrier

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 58


Get your desserts to the party intact and looking oh-so-delectable in this combo carrier and display case.

Mil-spec Apache Helicopteer

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 44


First seeing service in 1986, the AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopter takes out tanks, bunkers, and other targets. This toy displays much of that firepower, disguised as maple dowels. Easily shape the Apache’s iconic angled fuselage profile by following our full-size patterns. And we’ve gathered all of the hardware and specialty parts in a kit so you can get started quickly.

CNC Routers Can Do All THAT?

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 38


Get ready to see some of the amazing capabilities a CNC can bring to your shop. This article provides recipes for success in making cuts in polycarbonate, brass, foam, cardboard and yes, wood. The “ingredients” for each operation include the material being machined, the cutters used, feed speed, depth of cut (DOC), and other variables.

Seed Starter

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 34


Build this simple rugged garden helper and get a head start on spring planting.

Beyond Home-center Lumber

March 2019 | Issue 259 | Page: 30


Knowing how and where to find good wood can save you loads of money.