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Tracksaw Guide Case

October 2019 | Issue 263 | Page: 68


Tracksaw guides don’t come cheap; keep yours ding-free with this on-the-go carrier. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.

Frames Without Miters

October 2019 | Issue 263 | Page: 52


Miters can be finicky to cut and clamp, and they make a relatively weak joint. Instead, try these techniques to create simple, strong, handsome frames for pictures, mirrors, and more. 

A high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun makes applying a finish easier than ever. Follow these simple procedures and keep that gun performing like new for years to come.

Mortar and Pestle

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 64
Gain experience turning spindles, and hollowing end grain and face grain, while creating this indispensable kitchen accessory.

Spray Finishing Made Simple

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 58
Brush aside brushed-on and wiped-on finishes for super-smooth, sprayed-on topcoats.

Rollout Under-sink Storage

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 54
Give your kitchen organization a boost with this organizer that fits common under-sink kitchen cabinets.

Battery-powered Brad Nailers

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 48
  In a world where everything is going cordless, it seems inevitable that hoseless brad nailers would become a thing. Unleash your woodworking by ditching the compressor and hose.

Kids’ Haven Playhouse

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 42
  Give the children in your life the gift of a make-believe world in a scaled-down house of their own. You’ll find just about everything you need at a home center, and we supply sources for hard-to-find items.
  William Ng shows how to add 45° cutting capability to the hyper-precise tablesaw sled he built and demonstrated in issue 261 (July 2019).

Five Ways to Slice Breadboard Ends

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 32
Capping the ends of a solid-wood panel with rails hides end grain and prevents the panel from cupping, all while allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction.