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Frames Without Miters

October 2019 | Issue 263 | Page: 52


Miters can be finicky to cut and clamp, and they make a relatively weak joint. Instead, try these techniques to create simple, strong, handsome frames for pictures, mirrors, and more. 

A high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun makes applying a finish easier than ever. Follow these simple procedures and keep that gun performing like new for years to come.

Mortar and Pestle

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 64
Gain experience turning spindles, and hollowing end grain and face grain, while creating this indispensable kitchen accessory.

Spray Finishing Made Simple

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 58
Brush aside brushed-on and wiped-on finishes for super-smooth, sprayed-on topcoats.

Rollout Under-sink Storage

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 54
Give your kitchen organization a boost with this organizer that fits common under-sink kitchen cabinets.

Battery-powered Brad Nailers

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 48
  In a world where everything is going cordless, it seems inevitable that hoseless brad nailers would become a thing. Unleash your woodworking by ditching the compressor and hose.

Kids’ Haven Playhouse

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 42
  Give the children in your life the gift of a make-believe world in a scaled-down house of their own. You’ll find just about everything you need at a home center, and we supply sources for hard-to-find items.
  William Ng shows how to add 45° cutting capability to the hyper-precise tablesaw sled he built and demonstrated in issue 261 (July 2019).

Five Ways to Slice Breadboard Ends

September 2019 | Issue 262 | Page: 32
Capping the ends of a solid-wood panel with rails hides end grain and prevents the panel from cupping, all while allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction.
Keep drills and fasteners handy with this pair of organizers.