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pumping hardener into epoxy resin
Before dazzling rivers and bar-top coatings, epoxy simply served as a humble, high-performance adhesive and repair resin. Learn how this versatile adhesive can play an important supporting role in your woodworking.

Two-for-one Tabletop Hockey

May 2021 | Issue 274 | Page: 60
two people playing sling puck game
We can’t all be Wayne Gretzky, but we can all enjoy these hockey-inspired games (penny hockey and sling puck) played on this beautiful two-sided board. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.
view of woodworking shop in garage
Are cars tailgating your tablesaw and shovels burying your bench? Take charge of your garage shop and add storage, flexibility, and convenience. Here’s how.

Gimbal Clock

May 2021 | Issue 274 | Page: 70
gimbal-style clock
Inspired by gimbals that isolated a ship’s chronometer from the motion of rolling seas, the rings highlight a beautiful clockworks with visible gears. A convenient kit includes the clockworks and necessary hardware. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.

Vertical Garden

May 2021 | Issue 274 | Page: 48
tall planter with flowers
Brighten up your balcony or deck with this space-saving plant tower. Designed for ornamental plants or herbs, the boxes are sized to hold ceramic pots or plastic containers, making watering and plant maintenance a breeze. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.
wood bending around form with clamps
If attempts at bending wood leave you steamed, try one of these simple techniques and materials that make it possible to create bent-wood projects while skipping the steam.

Shop test: Router Jigs

May 2021 | Issue 274 | Page: 34
person routing ellipse using a jig
We tested dozens of accessories—circle and ellipse jigs, offset bases, and dado-routing jigs—that make handheld routing more accurate. Then, we graded each one to make your buying decisions easier.
driving screw into box hinge
After painstakingly crafting a beautiful box, you want the hinge installation to provide a perfectly aligned lid with a gap-free fit. We'll show you how to get exactly that.
workbench with wall-hung cabinets
Satisfy your two biggest shop needs with a basic workbench that’s big on storage, plus a pair of simple wall cabinets that you can build in a weekend. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.
dust sucking into hose from spindle sander
These shop-smart solutions take over where the accessory manufacturers leave off to ensure that your shop—and lungs—stay clean.