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truck-shaped plaque with american flag
Flat images spring to life using these techniques.

Creating a Kumiko Panel

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 62
asa-no-ha kumiko panel with chisel on benchtop
Learn the ancient Japanese art of kumiko by crafting an elegant asa-no-ha (hemp leaf) pattern. Matt Kinney eases the process with a couple simple jigs.

Light and Graceful Tea Box

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 58
tea box and lid resting on table with coffee
Keep your tea-lover's favored flavors in this clean-lined box with kumiko-panel lid. You'll also learn some smart box-making techniques in the process.

Shop Test: Mini-mitersaws

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 52
compact sliding mitersaw cutting through board
These compact sliders—mostly cordless models—may be small in stature, but they're big on capacity and performance.

Table for Two, Please

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 42
bistro table with two chairs in white room
This bistro table-and-chair set is the perfect size for a breakfast nook or kitchen. Loose tenon joinery and knockdown hardware speed up the assembly.

3 Ways to Make Shiplap

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 38
nailer fastening shiplap to wall
Popularized by home-improvement TV shows, shiplap is enjoying a renaissance. But this simple form of joinery has always been a sound choice for door panels and cabinet backs.

DIY Tools for the Woodworker

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 34
angle grinder carving seat of chair
Not just for honey-do projects around the house, you'll find these crossover tools valuable for woodworking as well.

Briefcase Router Table

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 28
benchtop router table clamped to workbench
Equipped with an affordable trim router, 1"-thick top, and fence-mounted dust collection, this totable table means business.

Outdoor Bench

July 2021 | Issue 275 | Page: 23
seating bench in grass
Featuring a curved seat and slatted backrest, this bench brings comfort and style to your outdoor living space. We've included a template to eliminate guesswork, so you can spend more time relaxing.

Sofa Server

May 2021 | Issue 274 | Page: 66
small table over sofa cushion
This sturdy stand for stack of snacks tucks discreetly under the sofa and keeps channel-surfing supplies close at hand. Plan is available in the WOOD Store.