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Two Simple Picture Frames

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 76

252 Two Simple Frames opener

You’ll get distinctly different looks from similar frame pieces, depending on how you orient them—flat or on edge. You’ll also make good use of those offcuts in your scrap bin. 

The (Mostly) Cordless Workshop

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 62

252 cordless workshop

Advancements in battery and motor technology are leaving outlets empty all over the shop.

Drill Joinery

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 56

252 drill joinery

These proven methods yield joints ranging from purely practical to fun and fancy without sacrificing strength.

Flattening Sled

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 54

252 flattening sled opener

Create flat faces on natural-edge slabs or boards too wide for your jointer or planer by using this fixture with a plunge router. Dust-collection accessories capture most of the debris.

Regain Your Edge

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 50

252 blade sharpening opener

The right sharpening service can revive dull saw blades for less than half the cost of replacement.

Hope Chest

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 44

252 Hope Chest opener

Topped with an easy-to-make coopered lid, this walnut chest doesn’t need a lifetime commitment to create. 

Leave the Maker's Mark

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 42

252 mark your work

Most of us make projects for friends and family, and that’s what motivates us. Here are some suggestions for leaving your mark.

3 Must-have Adhesives

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 36

252 adhesives

There's no need for a shelf full of different glues. This trio helps you effectively build nearly any woodworking project.

Compact Workbench

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 24

252 compact workbench

Build a super-sturdy, affordable, do-everything platform for accomplishing your finest work. 

Wipe Out Squeeze-out

March 2018 | Issue 252 | Page: 39

252 squeeze-out

Follow these strategies to reduce or eliminate potential finishing problems cause by glue squeeze-out.