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Choosing Jigsaw Blades

July 2019 | Issue 261 | Page: 72


Blade selection makes a big difference in the performance and cut quality of any jigsaw. Follow these tips for selecting the right blade for any job.


Five cuts. That’s all it takes to make your tablesaw sled cut perfectly square. Renowned woodworker William Ng demonstrates.


Scrub your shop air of the superfine dust left behind by a dust collector or shop vacuum. Then breathe a healthy sigh of relief.

Garden Fence and Gate

July 2019 | Issue 261 | Page: 52


Protect your plants from pooches and poachers while showcasing your bounty.


Try these tips to make this handy tool even more valuable in your shop.

Buying a Workbench

July 2019 | Issue 261 | Page: 36


Building your own workbench isn’t for everyone. Here’s what to look for when you decide to buy, rather than build.

Flowing Table

July 2019 | Issue 261 | Page: 24


Tinted translucent epoxy resin flows like a river between two natural-edge slabs, creating a unique, mesmerizing table built with only a circ saw, router, and sander.


July 2019 | Issue 261 | Page: 68


Learn how to add beautiful veneer to any smaller project while building the simple musical project.

Supercharged End Table

July 2019 | Issue 261 | Page: 42


Clean design, cool joinery, and generous drawer space hide a secret: an inductive charger for keeping your phone topped off.

Going Along With the Grain

May 2019 | Issue 260 | Page: 64


Beautiful grain that makes wood so appealing to the eye can also make it difficult to work. Taking time to read and understand the grain of a board will help you machine it for top-quality cuts.