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Turn Your Own Knobs

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 68
 Use a lathe and a few common turning chisels to create custom handles for your doors and drawers.

Demilune Table

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 60
 A half-moon top that unfolds to a full circle highlights this 18th-century French design. 

Optical-illusion Cutting Board

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 56
 Build a prep surface as visually delectable as the meals that spring from it.
 Either of these vises—a twin-screw vise and a leg vise—will ease your woodworking life; adding both will change your life.
 Although you can buy larger (and smaller) drills, a compact 18- or 20-volt tool handles any job in the shop with ease.

Display Shelves

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 40
 Build this stellar showcase in a weekend using only fundamental skills. Identical parts for the frames and boxes of this project, and super-simple joinery, make it quick and easy to construct.
 Collecting dust at its source not only makes you a tidy woodworker, it can keep you a healthier one, too. A well-planned dust-collection system traps the tiniest of particles before they become airborne. 

Easy-build Workbench

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 24
Biscuits, glue, and a few screws; a high-performance workbench doesn’t get much easier than this. 

Swingin' Quilt Display

March 2020 | Issue 266 | Page: 30
This wall-hung rack displays the beauty of a quilt. Its swing-out arm provides easy access for seasonal swaps.
In addition to ripping, crosscutting, beveling, and mitering, your tables also does a great job cutting a straight edge square to the face of a board.