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Bandsaw Outfeed Table

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 72


With less than 8" of table behind the blade, most bandsaw lend little support to workpiece when ripping or resawing. This outfeed table, as shown, adds more than 18" of support (depending on your saw), and can be removed easily prior to tilting the saw's table.

Half-lap Joints

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 68


Super strong and easy to make, few joints match the usefulness of the half-lap. Requiring little more than a sharp pencil and a stacked dado blade, lap joints can strengthen a variety of projects.

Not the Same Old Saw

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 64


Perhaps you rediscovered the forgotten handsaw your dad used. Or seeing a saw at a yard sale stirred an urge to try back-to-roots woodworking. Whatever the motivation, any handsaw you acquire on the secondhand (and beyond) market probably needs refurbishing to become a usable tool again. Here's how.


Whether you’re a tablesaw tinkerer, a bandsaw builder, or a router rooter, we have a method to make you a circle-cutting genius. Jim hevaey explians the techniques.

Mil-spec Multipurpose Vehicle

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 50


Wherever personnel and supplies need to go, this burly broad-track keeps them humming along. WOOD® magazine reader Robert Coats designed this truck based on the military police vehicles his son and nephew used overseas.  

Shop Test: Dovetail Jigs

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 44


We test seven router-ready models capable of creating through-dovetails, half-blinds, and box joints.  

Install Drawers Without Metal Slides

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 32


For centuries, before metal drawer slides were a thing, woodworkers relied on wood guides to prevent drawers from tipping or binding as they were pulled out. Today, wood drawer guides still have their place, preserving a traditional look on deserving projects, and saving you the expense of ball-bearing slides. Use or adapt one of these approaches on your next set of drawers.

Contrasting Corners Dovetailed Box

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 28


Though easy to make, jig-routed half-blind dovetails only show on one side of a box corner. But in building this project, you’ll discover a surprisingly simple technique for mirroring the dovetails around a corner. Select contrasting woods to really make the joints pop.

Barn-door Entertainment Center

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 36


Stylized barn doors conceal a large flat-screen TV display in this handsome entertainment center. For viewing, the doors slide easily to each side. 

Tabletop Bowling

November 2018 | Issue 257 | Page: 60


Few sports have the wide appeal of bowling. And now, you don’t even need to rent shoes or lift a heavy ball to play. Build this game in a spare weekend, then get busy striking the pins.