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Smart Shop Uses for Your Smartphone

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 72

smartphone in plane 255

You're probably already using your smartphone in the shop to look up articles, watch videos, and even shop for supplies. But you've only (ahem) tapped the surface. Here are tips for getting the most out of your mobile device.

Nailer Station

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 68

nailer station 255

Organize your nail guns—pneumatic and battery-powered—with this easy-to-build-cabinet. There's storage for nails and accessories, too.

distressedfinishes 255

Simple steps paint a picture of well-loved furniture. You can age the wood or age the finish, so considerbthe look you want, then use one or more of these techniques.

Convertible Crib

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 56

crib 255

This bed adapts to a growing child's needs. When the child is old enough, swap the front crib panel for the toddler panel, which allows the little one to get in and out on their own while preventing accidnetal roll-out.

Gotta-have Router Accessories

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 50

router accessories 255

Get more capability, accuracy, and repeatability from your handheld and table-mounted routers with these tools and jigs tested and proven in the WOOD® magazine shop.

Arts & Crafts Hall Cabinet

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 44

hall cabinet 255

This raised-top cabinet features a simplified spin on typical frame-and-panel constrcution. Rather than rails captured between stiles they chase each other, pinwheel-fashion, around the panel. Although different lengths, rails and stiles are machined the same.


Woodworkers often ask us why their projects don't look quite as good as the ones in the magazine: The difference often lies in selection and placement of the wood's figure.

Bench Vises

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 36

bench vise 255

Here's a rundown of the different types of vises, and which one or two would be best for your workshop.

Collapsible Grill Table

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 30

grillsidetable 255

Build this sturdy, easy-to-stow sidekick for great outdoor cooking.

Fast Fixes for Dinged Edges

September 2018 | Issue 255 | Page: 28

dingededges 255

It's happened to all of us: dinging a drawer edge or crushing a cabinet corner. These techniques will salvage even big goofs, saving you time, energy, and money.