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IG Builder's Challenge, Season Six


Have you heard of the IG Builder’s Challenge (IGBC)?

It’s an online contest that challenges woodworkers to take a plan provided by a prominent online woodworker and build it in three weeks. Modifications are encouraged, and participants submit their entries through Instagram. Each season, prize packages are awarded in three categories—Pro, Novice, and Finest Finish—by a rotating panel of guest judges.

IGBC5 Winner
Last season’s winner, Joe Nazaretta, incorporated curved plywood accents and a glass top in his winning coffee table build.

The contest began as the brain-child of Raechal Petris (desertwoodwrks), above, who noticed that woodworkers often started from an identical set of plans, but the end result was always a uniquely personal project. On a whim, she challenged some online friends to build modifications of the same plan. As word spread, about 40 builders joined the inaugural challenge. For the sixth season that is just wrapping up, more than 1,600 people registered to participate.

IGBC6 Desk Plan

This season’s desk plan (free download) was created by the talented Sam Raimondi (DIY Huntress). Sam’s interest in woodworking and home improvement began as a teenager but became central in her life after sharing a sign she crafted for her husband’s band online. For the desk plan, Sam focused on creating a straightforward, budget-friendly design that had plenty of opportunity for customization of design, joinery, finish, and materials.

Raechal's Desk
IGBC participants have 3 weeks to complete a project from the provided free plans. Customization is encouraged.

After meeting Raechal at Weekend With WOOD, the WOOD magazine staff was honored to be asked to judge the season six contest alongside Jeff Mack, Brad Rodriguez, and John Malecki. Past judges of the IG Builder’s Challenge have included such notables as Ana White, Clint Harp, Shanty2Chic, and Jen Woodhouse.

WOOD magazine is also teaming with IGBC to provide season seven’s plan in the Spring of 2019. Follow the IG Builder’s Challenge on Instagram for updates.

This Season's winners:

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