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Shop Tyme
Art and science are often at odds, but in Tyme's La Mesa, Calif., shop the two have forged an equal, complementary partnership.Tyme (he goes by the single name) enjoyed careers ranging from electrician to his current profession as an orthopedic health specialist, but his life always revolved around artistic pursuits as well. The separate disciplines dovetail nicely in both the design and function of his elaborate workshop.Tyme's shop is a model of cleanliness and comfort: almost no dust anywhere, excellent lighting, and cushioned floor mats cover all work areas.
Freestanding Privacy Screen/Trellis
Improve the view by planting this structure in your yard or garden.
Cutting 12 Bevels On A Cylinder
Cut 12 equal bevels the length of a cylinder with a simple tablesaw jig. This technique was used in WOOD issue 259 (March 2019) to bevel salt and pepper shakers.

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