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How to safely make mortise plugs using your tablesaw

Here’s a simple and safe way to form small plugs for the square mortises. This method keeps your fingers out of harm’s way and prevents having to push a small workpiece between the blade and fence. To make a 38 "-square blank 8" long for the mortise plugs (G), for example, cut a piece of 34 " stock to 212 x 16". Position the fence 38 " from the inside of the blade. Place a piece of masking tape about 5" long on the saw table 4" in front of the blade and perpendicular to the fence for a visual stop, as shown above, top photo.  Raise the blade to 716 ". With the stock on edge and tightly against the fence, rip the piece, stopping when the back end reaches the tape. Raise the blade 116 " (12 " total height). Flip the stock onto its face, and rip it again to form a 38 "-square blank. Now, crosscut the piece to free the blank. To safely and accurately crosscut the 716 "-long plugs from the blank, attach an L-shaped extension/sled made from 34 " scrap to your miter gauge, as shown, above, bottom photo. Raise the blade to about 112 ", and make a cut through the extension/sled. Draw a line on the sled 716 " from the kerf. Align the end of the blank with the mark to crosscut the plugs.

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