Because I don't care for the idea of drilling into my expensive Biesemeyer-style tablesaw fence to attach jigs, I mount them to the fence with rare earth magnets. To attach the magnets to the jig, cut a filler strip of wood to fit on top of the fence and between its polyethylene or laminated wood faces. Bore through holes in the filler strip for the magnets, glue and screw the strip to the jig, and epoxy the magnets in place. To prevent the jig from sliding down the fence as you feed, attach a steel L-bracket to the jig where shown.The magnetic attachment grabs the steel body of the fence and offers several advantages. First, I don't have to work around clamps. Second, with no clamps or screws, installing and removing the jig takes only seconds. Finally, I was able to easily retrofit several existing jigs to make them work with the new mounting system.—Scott Spencer, Rochester, N.Y.