After building the router-table fence featured in WOOD® magazine issue 159 (November 2004, p. 40) I added superfine-tuning for the cost of a micro-adjustable router edge guide—if your router didn't come with one. Here's how you can do the same.Make a base for the edge guide, as shown in the drawing, and mount the guide to it. Use a machinist's die (or a friend who has one) to thread the end of one of the guide rods to match the threads on the T-nut on the cleat. Glue and screw the cleat to the back of the router-table fence.I leave the microadjuster attached to the fence most of the time, but without the base clamped down. When I need to fine-tune a cut, I clamp the base to the tabletop, as shown, and then use the dial on the edge guide to tweak the fence location. When it's dead-on, I lock down the fence and make the cut.—Dr. Jeffrey Kornblum, Jonesboro, Ark.Editor's note: Both Bosch (RA1054) and DeWalt (DW6913) make edge guides that will work for this tip.