After making a round cutting board, I decided to add a "juice" groove to keep juices from dripping onto the countertop. But making a consistent groove circling the workpiece had me stumped. This easy-to-build router table jig did the trick.Install a round-nose bit in your router table. From a scrap of plywood, make a jig similar to the one shown. Place it on the router table so the distance between the bit and the edge of the triangular cutout equals the distance of the groove from the edge of the cutting board. With the jig located, clamp it to the router table.To rout the groove, rest the cutting board over the bit and against both edges of the jig. Carefully lower the workpiece atop the spinning router bit and slowly turn the workpiece, keeping its edges in contact with the inside edges of the triangular cutout. The jig also works well for using non bearing-guided bits to edge-profile circular workpieces.—Bob Galbraith, Tijeras, N.M.