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Signs of the times

Ron Hoyt has been collecting automobilia for 25-plus years. Ron’s love affair with cars began when he first worked at a gas station as a high-school senior. Ron now puts on a show for petrolinia—Iowa Gas. It’s the biggest annual show in the US for collectors. Here’s a sampling of Ron’s outstanding collection.

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Signs of past times

A sixteen foot high wall of signs is the result of twenty-five years of collecting.

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A true classic

Texaco Ethyl 30" porcelain driveway sign from the 1930's.

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Know the alcohol percentage to prevent radiator freeze-up

Red Crown 19" x 72" porcelain thermometer from the 1930's

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Glass or plastic?

Gas globes 13.5" with glass or plastic bobies.

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Roadside attractions

Two sided tin flange signs and 12 gallon oil cans.

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Signs on top of signs

Sign, Sign everywhere a Sign - 30" two sided porcelain signs from the 1930's.

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Depression-era petrolinia

Signs and oil cans mostly from the 1930's.

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Signs from across the U.S.

30" porcelain signs and smaller pump front signs.
The Signal sign is from an West Coast company.
The Beacon sign is from an East Coast company.
The Phillips & Refiners signs are from Oklahoma companies.
The signs in this collection represent companies from all parts of the county.

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Advertise where ever you can

License plate toppers - The Three Little Men is from the Atlantic Oil Co.

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Pet food promotions in metal

My daughter has many dogs. These are her signs.

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Another license-plate promotion

License plate topper from the Barnsdall Oil Co.

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A Skelly Oil Company collectible

Skelly Oil Co. license plate topper.

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