Working on the floor takes a toll on the knees and back. With paycheck 3, you build a pair of sawhorses to elevate your work.
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IS6 sawhorses
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Working on the floor takes a toll on the knees and back. With this check, you build a pair of sawhorses to elevate your work. When the job is done, the sawhorses fold flat for storage. Lean them against a wall, hang them from a hook, or slide them under a table or bench. Because screws are used in their construction, add a cordless drill to your tool collection. It makes drilling pilot holes, counterbores, and driving screws much easier and faster. We chose a Ryobi 18-volt P1811.

IS6 Ryobi drill

Consult for other models you may want to consider. Check if a driver bit is included with the drill, or with the screws you'll purchase. If not, buy a #2 Phillips bit and #1 and #2 Robertson (square drive) bits. It might seem odd to buy a drill, and not a set of drill bits, but those will come next paycheck; you won't need regular drill bits for the next few projects you'll build. However, pick up a set of countersinking bits. These drill a pilot hole for the screw to prevent splitting workpieces, and at the same time, bores a countersink that allows the screwhead to nestle flush with or just below the surface of the wood for a tight fit and clean appearance.

IS6 countersink bits

For the sawhorses, buy seven 8' 1x4s, an 8' 2x4, a 100-count box of #8x114 " flathead wood screws and four 312 " T–hinges. Cut the lumber to length using your crosscut guide for accuracy. Clamp mating parts together before drilling countersunk pilot holes into both pieces using a countersink bit. Then apply glue to the mating surfaces and screw the parts together. To install the hinges, stand the halves of each sawhorse next to each other, as they will be when in use. (A helper may come in handy here.) Hold the hinges in place tight to each half, drill pilot holes, and screw the hinges in place.

Bank any leftover money to keep building the nest egg for the tablesaw purchase.

Download Super-Stable Folding Sawhorses