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Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 2: Guidance is Needed

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The straightedge guides made earlier work well for cutting sheet goods to size, but are far too bulky to cut stick lumber to length. To accomplish that, build this simple crosscut guide that provides dead-on accuracy.

This paycheck’s budget goes straight into the bank to provide a big leap toward purchasing a tablesaw in a couple of months. So after completing the crosscut guide, take some time to learn more about wood, working with it, and the hardware frequently used to join it with these articles:

Learn the difference between a rip cut and a crosscut, what defines thickness, width and length, and much more by reading this article that teaches you woodworking vernacular.

Sort out the various types of sheet goods found at most home centers, and learn what each is suited for. Then learn more about what to look for in hardwood plywood here.  

IS6 Choosing board

This free article will help you choose the right size and type of screw for any job.

In the next post, you'll build your first shop fixture. (Hint: You can see them under the crosscut guide in the top photo, above.)

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