Accessorize that saw with a thin-kerf blade.
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If your saw struggles to cut thick or dense wood, invest in a thin-kerf blade (about $30). Because the thinner blade removes less wood, it requires less power to make a cut. Although only 132 " thinner than a regular blade, that's about 25% less surface area to move through the wood. Even if your saw runs fine with a standard blade, you might consider a thin-kerf blade because it wastes less material. For example, if you were ripping 14 "-wide strips from a 6"-wide board a standard blade would yield 16 strips. A thin-kerf blade would net 17 strips. The downside to a thin-kerf blade is that it is more prone to fluttering when cutting dense woods, or if your saw isn't well tuned.

With a well-tuned tablesaw, the number of projects you can build expands greatly. Here are some plans that make use of the tools and equipment you already have.

This wall-hung cabinet can house either a TV or a dartboard (both are shown in the photo below) and the plan is FREE!

IS6 TV cabinet

Hang this handsome mirror near a doorway so you can check your look before heading out. The handy shelf and drawers collect your keys, phone and other items.

IS6 Mirror shelf

Build this easy and elegant hall table using fuss-free joinery and easy-to-find materials.

IS6 Hall table

Next, continue to accessorize your tablesaw with Idea Shop 6 - Paycheck 12.

Download Slim-Profile TV/Game Cabinet