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Store Tablesaws Safely


Some neighbors complained that the tablesaw stored in my carport presents a safety hazard because kids could turn it on and cut themselves. I need a way to disable or enclose it when not in use.
—Paul Beamer, Fort Polk, La.


Try this two-step safety system, Paul. First, prevent the power cord from being plugged in while the saw sits idle by attaching a plug lockout to the end of the cord, as shown above. You can find these at some industrial supply houses or on Depending on the size of the holes at the end of your saw’s plug, you might instead attach an inexpensive luggage lock, as shown below.


Now it’s time to keep your saw hidden from curious eyes. For example, store the saw beneath the bench from WOOD® magazine issue 178 (September 2007), as shown below. By customizing the table to fit your saw, it can double as an outfeed support and as a work surface. 


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