One of my favorite projects is making small boxes using crown moldings. I usually cut the miters with a slight compound angle and had trouble aligning and holding the joint closed during glue-up until I developed the method shown here.I use a 6"" strap hinge as a clamping aid, as shown in drawing. First, I align the joint and securely clamp the molding pieces to the strap hinge with C-clamps and scrapwood clamp pads. Next, I carefully open the joint and apply the glue. Finally, I hold the joint closed by wrapping a strong rubber band around the C-clamps' screws.I use this method to glue opposite corners of the box together. Then I glue the two L-shape parts together with a band clamp. Once you have two firm joints, it's much easier to use the sometimes finicky, but faster, band clamps.—Paul Boutin, Kelowna, B.C.