I wanted to apply Hebrew lettering, in a contrasting wood, to a project. I tried cutting letters out of thin veneer, but the wood split on the short grain. Then I noticed that my hardwood store carried 2"-wide iron-on edge banding in several species, and I was inspired.First, I used my computer to print the lettering at the correct size on adhesive-backed shipping labels. Next, starting with an oversized square of edge banding, I covered its face with blue painter's tape (for easier release) and applied the lettered label over the tape. Finally, I cut out the letters with a sharp pair of scissors, using a sharp crafts knife for tight inside cuts.The edge banding's thick glue backing held the letter together while I cut out the shape and removed the label and tape. Even the delicate details of the fleur de lis accent held together perfectly. Once the letters were ready, I simply ironed them onto my project.—Rabbi Don Pacht, Rochester, N.Y.