Juggling two pairs of clamps to glue a mitered frame can end in frustration. With these jigs, however, one set of clamps squares the frame.To make a pair, rip two pieces of 3⁄4"-thick scrap 1⁄2" wider than the thickness of the frame parts and 3" longer than the frame sides, as shown at left. Then install a 3⁄4" dado blade, and adjust it to cut a dado 1⁄8" shallower than the thickness of the frame parts. With the jig pieces taped together on edge, cut dadoes where dimensioned in the drawing at left.To use the jigs, glue the miters and assemble the frame flat on a workbench, aligning the corners with a framing square.(Protect the workbench with a plastic trash bag.) Position the jigs close to the inside corners, capturing the frame ends in the dadoes. Now, clamp the frame sides, as shown below left, with the clamping jigs holding the short frame members in place.—from the WOOD® shop