You don't need an arsenal of clamps to form flat edge-glued panels. You can do it using just two clamps (inexpensive pipe clamps work great) and an easy-to-make jig. Here's how.To edge-glue the 27 1⁄2"- and 16 1⁄2"-wide panels for the top (H) and shelf (I), for example, make the clamping jig and four wedges, shown below left, from a 2x4. (We jigsawed the wedges to shape.) Lay out and jigsaw the opening in the bottom of the jig to shape. (The 30" opening at the bottom and 19" opening between the cleats at the top are sized to fit the top and shelf panels plus the wedges.) Now, glue and clamp a panel together with the top faces flush, center the appropriate opening in the jig across the panel, and drive a pair of wedges between the jig and panel at each end, as shown top left.To accommodate different size panels, size the jig openings 2 1⁄2" wider than the panels. Adding the cleats to the top lets you use the jig for more than one panel size.