For small or fragile glue-ups, such as dollhouse furniture or models, spring-type clothespins provide the right amount of clamping pressure. Problem is, the jaw opening is often too small. To solve this problem, I altered a wooden clothespin to make a mini adjustable bar clamp.To make one for yourself (I make at least six at a time), begin by cutting the clothespin jaws, where shown (top drawing). Next, attach a frozen-treat stick to the clothes-pin's upper jaw with a brad nail and glue. Be sure to predrill the brad-nail hole to avoid splitting. Finally, glue the sliding jaw parts together, as shown in the Sliding Jaw Detail.To use the clamp, simply slide the jaw to the desired opening, and secure it to the frozen-treat stick with the wedge. As shown, the mini bar clamp can hold assemblies up to 4" thick.—Bob New, Cockeysville, Md.