Accurate bandsaw adjustments make all the difference between a so-so cut and one that requires little cleanup. During a visit to the shop of premier master craftsman, Michael Fortune, he shared with us how he uses his $350 bandsaw to get results you'd expect to see from a saw costing two or three times as much. Here's one of this shop-proven tips.Michael offers a neat trick that simplifies leveling the table. First, he reverses the 0º table stop bolt underneath the table, threading it from the bottom up instead of the typical top down. He then bores a 5/16"-diameter hole 1" deep in a 1 1/2" length of 1/2" brass or aluminum rod, and sands the solid end flat. Next, he slips this "cap" over the bolt's threaded end, as shown in top photo, and adjusts the now easily accessible locking nut and bolt head, bottom photo, until the square shows the blade at 90º to the table. This lets him tilt the table to the left by removing the cap, and return it to 90° by adding the cap.