Replacing the tires on a bandsaw can turn into a real wrestling match. This jig simplifies the process.

In the center of a piece of scrap at least 3" wider and longer than your bandsaw wheel's diameter, drill a hole to later fit a bolt. With the bandsaw wheel centered on the hole, mark the wheel's outline. Remove the wheel and drill a series of 38 " pin holes in a concentric circle 14 " inside the marked circle.

Insert short lengths of metal rod into those holes, and loop the new tire around these metal rods [Step 1]. Then, drill another series of holes 38 " outside the existing ones, tangent to the wheel's outline.

Slide one metal rod out from behind the tire and place it in an outside hole. Stretch the tire to that rod and repeat for all the rods around the circle. Drill additional holes on larger concentric circles as necessary until you can fit the bandsaw's wheel inside the stretched tire. Lock the bandsaw wheel in place with a bolt and wing nut, and remove the pins one at a time, letting the tire tighten onto the wheel [Step 2].
—Thomas Menn, Pearland, Texas