Spinner speeds vise adjustment

The end vise on my workbench takes an annoyingly long time to adjust. How can I get a speed boost without plunking down a huge amount of money for a nut-release model?

Wood Finish Marketing Myths

The makers of a lot of wood finishing products describe how they “nourish the wood” or “replace natural oils.” Are these accurate statements or hokum?

Make jigs for template routing


I’m making speaker cabinets that require several round and rectangular holes. I plan to use templates, guide bushings, and my router to do the work. There’s only one problem: How do I figure out what size to make the templates?
—James Sullivan, Columbus, Ohio


Does polyurethane glue take stain?

In issue 155, page 112, you talked about polyurethane glues. Once the foam dries and you chisel it off, does the glue prevent the wood from absorbing stain?