A very personal experience with Lunar Lumber

As the Apollo 14 lander rested on the surface of the moon in 1971 and Alan Shepard hit a couple of golf balls to test the effect of the moon’s reduced gravity on his driving distance, about 500 tree seeds took 34 revolutions around the moon with astronaut Stuart Roosa in the command module. The seeds were part of an experiment by NASA and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to see if seeds subjected to zero gravity and harsh radiation would germinate back on earth. Though there were a few seed casualties, most of them did become saplings, and some matured into “moon wood.” 


Bands give plywood an edge

Because of its strength and stability, plywood can be a woodworker’s best friend. But its edges are just plain ugly. Disguise those plies with edge banding.

Timber-framed Dream Shop

Owner Marc Manly calls it “the barn,” but you won’t find any animals inside. Rather, a spacious shop and a space to entertain—both as beautiful as the exterior—share the interior.