Say Again?

Most power tools run well over the 85-dB threshold that will result in hearing impairment with prolonged exposure. Fortunately, a simple solution exists: hearing protection.


Body Mechanics: Using a Circular Saw


Often considered just a rough carpentry tool, a circular saw also works well in a woodshop for breaking down sheet goods and crosscutting boards to length. Follow these guidelines to get good results.


Working Around the Weather

Most cans of finish list optimal drying times as if we all lived in San Diego: a temperature of 70°F and 70 percent relative humidity. (See label below.) But for the rest of us—in the arid Southwest, the muggy Southeast, the temperature-extreme Midwest or East Coast—how can we ensure that our finishes dry quickly, smooth, and dust-free?


Add Some "Glam" with Plastic Laminate

Colorful, durable, and easy to apply, plastic laminate transforms any project’s appearance. Make a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) tabletop look like granite or quartz. Use light-colored laminate to brighten the interior of a cabinet, or add eye-catching color to children’s furniture. Here’s what you need to know to apply this versatile covering.